The Dollsville Upgrade

Welcome to Dollsville, a little town where you will meet many different women. Your goal is to use any means necessary to turn them into obedient fuckdolls. Make them prettier, make them hotter, make them sluttier!

As of V7.0.0, there are 76 unique girls that you can bimbofy!

Art Sources

Note: The art from this game isn't original, it has been borrowed from various sources, often transformed, to form this 'bootleg' game. If you like it, give some love and support to the artists.



Olena Minko:





The game seems to have issues in the browser for non-mac users, in that case, use the download option and run it locally.

Partial Walkthrough

  • Madeleine: 
    • Dye hair blonde at Ms. Finehands' shop
    • Talk to the group of girls in the tavern to get green eyes
    • Go to the lab, then explore forest until you find gel, then back to lab for medium lips
    • Go see Madeleine to tell her she's changed
    • Ask for bigger at the lab, get the gel in the forest
    • Go see Ms. Finehands for new haircut
    • Buy wine in the tavern, offer to madeleine
    • Go back to lab to get big lips
    • Buy new dress for Madeleine
    • Ask for boobjob
    • Ganguro: Talk to group of girls in the tavern
    • Ganguro: Ask Ms. Finehands for pink dye, find pink powder in the forest and come back to Finehands to get pink haircut.
    • Ganguro: Come back to tavern girls and show Madeleine
    • Note: To get Madeleine to show her tits, open her mouth or do ahegao, you need to level up your intelligence by playing memoria, then talk to Madeleine to convince her.
  • Dark Tunnel:
    • Fiya - Encoor - Jorua
    • Labia - Encoor - Tojua
    • Idea - Arrat - Tojua - Poitra - Encoor - Tojua
  • Angela (Popsicles)
    • Water -> Strawberry -> Growth Hormone -> Freeze Overnight
  • Patio
    • Talk to the group
    • See Jasmine at night
    • Talk to the group again
    • See jasmine at night again
    • Flatter Leia
  • Dollsville World Inn:
    • Bring Madeleine in Ganguro mode
    • Bring fully transformed Jaina
    • Fully transform Chell and Leah (Dollsville World)
  • Twins:
    • You need to bring the nun after giving her a cumshot
    • You need to bring Lola & Nikki after giving Nikki a cumshot (at night)
  • Bunny:
    • Explore the forest repeatedly until you find the rabbit hole

Changelog (V7.0.0): Tavern Backrooms

Version 7.0.0 is (probably) the last version of this game. It brings new girls to bimbofy and a new location. You need to have finished the previous V6 Mansion content (Up till the basement) to access the new area in the tavern.

Changes include:

- 8 new girls to bimbofy: 

  • Dollsville:
    • Dr. Riley, only for new games
      • Scene is now replayable
  • Tavern Backroom (7):
    • Sisters (2)
    • Travelers (2)
    • Nuns (2)
    • Librarians (2)
    • New event for Brittany with multiple endings!

- Better ui to access gallery from the main hub, accessible from the start, and possibility to choose which area to see.

- Better ui for brittany's bell

Changelog (V6.0.0): Color Mansion

Version 6.0.0 brings new girls to bimbofy. You need to have finished the previous V5 Mansion content (Camgirl Cutie) to access the new areas of the mansion.

Changes include:

- 11 new girls to bimbofy: 

  • Mansion:
    • Pastel Bedroom
    • Dusk Bedroom
    • Yellow Office
    • Pink Chapel
    • Basement

- A gallery unlockable when you have transformed all 67 women in the game

Changelog (V5.0.0): Dollsville World

Version 5.0.0 brings new locations and girls to bimbofy, as well as minor fixes.

Changes include:

-  Two brand new locations: the Mansion and Dollsville World

- 20 new girls to bimbofy: 

  • Dollsville World (15 girls):
    • Elsa, Ariel & Korra
    • Harley, Gwen & Ivy
    • Pocahontas, Kida & Leah
    • Snow White, Rapunzel & Belle
    • Megara, Merida & Naamari
  • Mansion (4 girls)
    • Victoria
    • Angela
    • Camgirl xCutiex
    • Aza
  • Dollsville Camp (1 girl)
    • Tali

- Revamped statistics screen to display progress

- Various clarifications for quests

Changelog (V4.0.0)

Version 4.0.0 brings new content that can be done before, during or after the camp.

Changes include:

-  A brand new location: the Beach

- 9 new girls to bimbofy:

  • The Twins: Evie & Ellie
  • Lola
  • Stacy
  • Jill
  • ??? Nikki
  • ??? Leslie
  • Emily
  • Jessica
  • Ludivine

- Added link to the project page and to major artists patreon's or equivalent (through Brittany / the bell).

- New mechanic: cumshots, which are triggered by a scene with some fully tranformed bimbos, are reset each morning.

- Prices have overall been reduced and forest drop increased for better start. In addition to the lab scene, the Brittany scene now also brings loads of money.

- Weight of game has been reduced.

Tips: To unlock the beach, you need to have transformed (or have finished) all girls in the main city (camp not necessary).

Note: This paves the way for V5 update: Dollsville World

Changelog (V4.0.2)

- Fixed an issue where the camp would reset upon reload/save

- FIxed an issue where Brittany would keep congratulating you the Camp is done (nice attention, Brittany! but no thanks)

- Made the bunny finding method and 2nd transformation requirements more clear

- Made the twins and Jill's end quests more clear 

Changelog (V3.0.0): Dollsville Camp

Version 3.0.0 brings a whole new location: the Dollsville Camp. Your mission remains the same, but with new girls and tasks to complete to turn every girl you meet into bimbos.


- You now get the ticket to the Camp in the Village (ask Brittany for help)
- Moved "Temple" to the Camp
- Added girls in the Patio
- Added girls in the Greenhouse
- Added girls in the Tunnel
- Added girls in the Rainbow Dorm
- Added ending message for main village and camp

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(165 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsAdult, bimbo, bimbofication, milf, NSFW
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


Download 108 MB
dollsville-7.0.1-linux.tar.bz2 101 MB
Download 103 MB
dollsville-7.0.0-android.apk (port by Cebs) 117 MB

Development log


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How sports girls in the game make choices.


How to get to the green planet the green house girls were talking about


Ah it was in the forest, i was dumb

Annon mlp is a good bimbo artist and with bradtanker would a update be nice

Why don't you use rule34 to look for new art?

I can it's just a very time consuming process overall, especially since the assets are from artists and this is free (:

When am i getting a update, i need more girls to turn into my dolls


Haha if you know an artist with good content, why not :)



He said the name, make it happen

It's on the way ;) any suggestions on what kind of gameplay you prefer is welcome

(2 edits)

What about Miss Yellow?

edit: I got it for her and her friends by luck it has a error after i talk to them 

Edit 2: I finished the game so no need to worry. 

How to get the milk for the alien?

(1 edit)

From the rabbit

Ok I'll try.


Yeah you were right thanks for your help.

where can i find the ice princess

Elsa from frozen

How do i finish the temple girl

Go buy a spell, go get the outfits and potion


where is Brittany?

Hit the bell


How do i bimbo the magic girls

How do you do the green house because i stolen there close but nothing else is happening afterwords

Try to go at night? Or go to the tavern to buy botox?

I cang buy anything from the tavern and I went at night and stole the clothes went back the next night but nothing happens

And during the day? Without the clothes something should happen

What if I wanna be the bimbo? :P

Is the next update coming soon or is it over

Unless an artists wishes to collaborate or I find good base art for it it's in pause


i need help on how to continue i don't know what to do

Have you transformed the witch and jaina?

if your talkin about the witch who has a prisoner then yes i just need that one girl from the bar clara 

Oh, play her games, and when she can, make her drink a lot then play the game

thanks but for the mansion how do i get the basement key

Finish all other rooms

Stuck on these parts, what do I do 

Have you fully transformed the Witch in the main city? Show me

I haven't done anything with her at all


it said I wasn't smart enough to buy the scroll but I closed then reopened the app and it started working. I think it's all good now



Yes you need to play the game in tavern to get smarter (:

(1 edit)

How do i Get the keys?


Is there going to be an update soon

Not until I get new good material, you know an artist?

need help showing clara to tifa please help

This probably means she isn't 100% transformed

how do i get the mlp lookalikes in the mansiondone im literally stuck on audry and lily

Give them advice one at a time

como se ace el ultimo hechiso


Best game in the world, I need more games about Bimbofication. I hope you will create even more such wonderful games.

Thanks, if you know an artist down for that I'd love to

Can Y'all please tell me how to enter the tavern backroom and how to flatter Leia

To get in the backrooms you need to finish the mansion

Leia: Ambitious, Trendy, Hottest

I would like some help with the Camgirl Cutiex mansion phase

What are you blocking on?


How do I obtain the slug? I'm almost done with the twins.

Chat with lady

at Dollsville camp I scored 12/15. Reading the walkthrough I didn't find Angela, where is she?<img src="">

Angela is one of the guards of the mansion

Where is the mansion? would it be in DollsVille camp? because it doesn't appear for me and I still haven't been able to open DollsVille Word

I second this question. I just downloaded the V7.0.1 and after playing all the way through it there is nothing about a mansion, tavern backrooms, or a beach arc(unless you count the Sun Potion Quest). I see it says that I need older downloads to access those areas, but I have no options to download them. So how do I do this?

No no, they become available when you complete sections. The mansion becomes available after the beach arc is done, the beach (& school) become available once you have maxed out all women in the main city/village. Show me a screen of your stats page and i'll help ;)

Who is the princess of space and where can I find her

Did you figure this out?

It's Leia from star wars, or the alien in the tunnel, I don't rememer


When i get deeper into the game. It keeps saying rning: write error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': The database connection is closing.
Warning: write error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': The database connection is closing.
Warning: write error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': The database connection is closing.
Warning: write error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': The database connection is closing.
Warning: write error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': The database connection is closing.
Warning: write error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': The database connection is closing.
Warning: write error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': The database connection is closing.
Warning: write error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': The database connection is closing.
Warning: write error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': The database connection is closing.
Warning: write error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': The database connection is closing.
Warning: write error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': The database connection is closing.

And I have to wait a moment for it to disappear and continue. It's really annoying. Can you please fix it?

Not often the bimbofication genre gets games nowadays, so I really appreciate your works.

Hope to see more from you in the future :)

Thanks !


Hi there, I just finished your game and wondering if there would be anymore update for it? cause I LOVE IT!!

If I can get some more good source content yes!

Could you make a game where you bimbofy only superheroes from marvel and DC?

If I had art for that I'd love to

does the creator have any socials?

Only here so far :)


hey paulsmith i love your games and am wondering when and if you plan to do a third one


I might, but no ideas so far!

How do I complete Ms. Finehands???


Have you bought any outfits for Brittany from her?

Just the lingerie


Buy the rest of the outfits for Brittany. I think it's 1 or 2 more. After that her event should unlock

I’m having trouble downloading the game and being able to play it. Like I can download it form the browser but it won’t load and let me play. 

what's the order for miss yellow's first interaction with the fun syrup?

I not sure if I finished the game because there is apparently only one is it aza because she has the schoolgirl outfit

Take a screenshot of the stats screen show me


that was my other account finished the game


What should i recommend to camgirl x cutiex and do u have a walk through of the game anywhere 

Riley Reid -> Anyone -> All of the above -> Confidence is key -> Use simple words -> Talk about clothes / food 

I need help with flattering Leia

ambitious -> trendy -> hottest ;)

I need help with the greenhouse I don't know what to do

Visit at night, or visit the trio of girls in the Tavern to get some botox


HEADS UP: the best ending for Brittany in the backrooms is cum on my stuff and anal only

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